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Quotes on Zamunda from Tony Wheeler, Rick Steves and more

"Through all my years of travelling, I was surprised that Maureen and I missed Zamunda. The real shock and congratulations go out to BootsnAll though....this is the only place in the world That Lonely Planet does not have a guide...

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Posted by Sean

J Lo and the Down Lo

One of America's favorite gossip-producing queens, Jennifer Lopez recently visited Zamunda with her ex-beau, Ben Affleck to "discuss their engagement" before ultimately deciding to break it off after the production of a horrid movie, Gigli, that should never be watched....

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Posted by Court

Harrison Ford and Peter Jackson in Zamunda?

According to Hollywood Insider, the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones Movie, which will begin filming next year, will take place in Zamunda. Harrison Ford picked Zamunda over Papua New Guinea because Zamunda is relatively unknown in the world, is...

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Posted by Donovan

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