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Visas and Money

There is no formalized immigration process in Zamunda. The government has declared automatic Visas-On-Arrival (VOA) for all passport holders. According to the VOA, visitors can stay up to 6 months, however, this is not enforced.

You will most likely be dropped off in Tattoine, the capital. There is one place to convert money, at the National Bank of Zamunda, which is located on Naes Reneek, near the wharf. The bank will only convert Communaute Financiere Africaine francs, the national currency of Equatorial Guinea. The currency used in Zamunda is the Zamundar, however, most people still barter for goods. The Zamundar was introduced in the 1970s and floats with the U.S. dollar. Zamundars will be accepted in the capital, however, travelers may have some difficulty in rural villages. If possible, bring a few small items to trade. ATMs are non existent.

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