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The Wahadzabes are an off-shoot of the Acadi tribe. It is believed that they separated from the Acadi's in the 1700s. Never numbering more than 30 people, the Wahadzabes are a very secretive and protective community, although more visable than their parent tribe.

The story goes that Masshana, the Queen of the Acadi people, had a daughter, Masshanalum (One who comes from Masshana), who was supposed to take over the tribe. Masshanalum, who disagreed with her tribe's isolation, faught and ran away, taking a small group of Acadi teenagers with her. Masshana tried to follow her, and sent groups of elite warrior-women to find the errant teenagers, but she was never able to find Masshanalum, and died shortly thereafter. Masshanalum believed that her mother would find her, even in death, thus the group continued to move around the island, only rarely inviting outsiders to their clan. Masshanalum had one daughter, Wahadzabe, which the tribe is named after. To this day, the group continues to wander, never staying in one place for long, for fear of being found by Masshana's spirit.

In recent years, however, the group has shown itself with more frequency, especially at the crossroads between the four main towns. If you do have the honor of meeting them, do not try to engage in conversation. If the leader of the group feels you are worthy, she may invite you to join them for a meal, or to travel. However, this is extremely rare, and we have only heard of one person who received such an invitation, in 1987. A native Zambian, he emerged from the group in 1998, and only briefly spoke of his experiences. He has since returned and is fully assimilated with the rest of the group.

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