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The four main cities in Zamunda are laid out like a cross, with Tattoine, the capital, pointing the way toward eternal light, as signified by the Golden Staff of Ra. Tattoine sits on the far East side of the island, directly across from Hugaani. Cidamon and Lapint are found on the North and South side of the island, respectively. The interior of the island is varied, with rainforest jungles and jagged mountain peaks fighting for space. Due to Zamunda's proximity to the equator, the weather is warm and tropical, although late afternoon showers are common.

There are two main paths leading from Tattoine to Hugaani and from Cidamon to Lapint. These "roads" run directly perpendicular to each other, with a common intersection in the middle of the island. There is no town in the center of the island, due to the demanding and difficult living situation there, however, a group of nomads, called Wahadzabes frequently stop here to sell their wares and entertain passers-by.

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