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Quotes on Zamunda from Tony Wheeler, Rick Steves and more

"Through all my years of travelling, I was surprised that Maureen and I missed Zamunda. The real shock and congratulations go out to BootsnAll though....this is the only place in the world That Lonely Planet does not have a guide book to. Congratulations BootsnAll"

- Tony Wheeler of Lonely Planet

"I just can't can't wait to go native and visit this place. I can swing back via Zamunda after my yearly trip to Europe. Looks like my little travel pack will be fine for Zamunda as well!"

- Rick Steves

"Zamunda represent everything that is kewl and real about vagabonding....being the person that discovered Zamunda (for independent travelers) during the research of my book, Vagabonding, I am happy to see a well written guide done by the boyz and girl at BootsnAll"

- Rolf Potts (Legendary vagabonder and backpacker)

"This appears to be one of the only locations in Africa that does not have any Al Qaida sleeper cells. We are happy for that. The USA's next step is to stratergize on when we will set up an embassy in Zamunda to look for oil reserves"

- George W. Bush, US President

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