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Zamunda's Capital: Tattoine

Perhaps one of the most exciting, newly discovered, capitals in the world, Tattoine seems to have escaped all forms of western development and is the perfect example of exotic, old-world charm. With the exception of the one-paved, main blvd, Neas Reneek - named after their long ruling king, this capital is filled with endless dirt roads and markets buzzing with commerce. Much like India or Bangkok, elephants, monkeys, and even the occasional zebra roams the streets on their own, while people mind their own business. The reason that Tattoine is much better than other developing countries, and hence one of the best places to visit these days, is that people and government really care about the environment and the lives of the citizens. Due to experimental government program funded by UN, the government has instituted a mandatory recycling program, which all citizens must abide by. The busy streets are remarkably clean for a city of 400,000 people and, without gas powered vehicles (yes, there are no vehicles, only a few buses to get you into the city), it's a very progressive city; something that other cities should model themselves by.

In the city, usually it's best to walk, or take a "elephant" tour where you sit on top with a driver (the elephants can take up to six people) and get a nice view of the city. It only costs about 20 cents per mile alone or can be split among a group. The elephant tour isn't a tourist thing like Bangkok, as tourists are very, very few, but it used by everyone. Watch out while you're walking on the main elephant streets, as a few people have been sqwashed.

Getting around Tattoine or Zamunda in general, can, however be difficult. It's still very undiscovered tourist destination, and most world governments hardly know it exists, some don't even recognize it as a nation state.

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